Best Choke For duck Hunting That Has Never Been Revealed

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In order to find the best choke for duck hunting in 2022, you need to make some simple calculations. First, you should ask yourself, how long do you want to take each shot to hunt a duck?

In terms of hunting ducks, improved or modified cylinders with a spread of 40 yards do the job just fine. And there is plenty of duck hunting chokes out there that offer such a shooting facility. The challenge is choosing the right model that is tailored to the specific needs to hunt ducks in any condition.

We understand it’s a confusing task. That’s why we are reviewing 8 top-notch duck hunting chokes this year to make your choice easier.

Best Choke For duck Hunting
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What is the Difference between full choke and modified Choke?

To be specific, the main difference between a full choke and a modified choke is the constriction of the choke tube. Modern-day waterfowlers can opt for different types of extended tubes. Among them, modified chokes, full chokes, and improved cylinders are the most popular ones.

Anyway, full choke and modified choke are preferred for duck hunting. The question is, which one is better? In order to understand that thing, you have to know their difference. 

Generally, a full choke is designed to have a tight constriction. It means you get the tightest shot patterns while goose hunting. Mainly, a full choke equips a 40-inch pattern that can help the pallets stay together over a significant distance of 40 yards. It’s a good option for hunting duck in long ranges.

On the other hand, a modified choke has a slight constriction. You can get the same amount of spread as a full choke within 35 yards from a modified choke. 

What is the Difference between full choke and modified Choke

So, how does that affect your shot? There are times when you need to hunt goose under low light conditions, such as in the evening or dusk. If the duck is in its zenith or trying to fly away, there’s a chance you will miss the shot. 

Modified chokes provide you with an extra option for shooting the duck in these situations. However, that’s for a single target. If you are going for double shooting, you need to go for a full choke. Here’s a comparison table to give you a brief understanding of the difference between the two:

  Full Choke Modified Choke
Range Long distant targets Customized Hunting Range
Degree of construction 0.035 0.020
Yardage 40 or more 32.5
Identification I notches III notches

Comparison Chart

Best Choke for Duck Hunting Best For Type Range Construction
Carlson’s Choke Tube Beretta Benelli Editors Choice Improved Cylinders Mid Stainless Steel
Carlson’s Choke Tube Remington 12 Ga Cremator Tube Choke Steel Shot Light Modified Mid Stainless Steel
MOJO Outdoors Fatal Shot Custom Custom Custom Long Stainless Steel Blend
Carlson’s Choke Tube Beretta Benelli Mobil Extended Extended  Mid/Long Heat treated stainless steel
Carlson’s Beretta/Benelli Mobil 12 GA Sporting Clays Choke Tubes Improved Light modified Not Specified Heat Treated Stainless Steel
Carlson’s Choke Tubes 07579 Carlson Durable Not Specified Close/mid/long Alloy Steel
Patternmaster 12ga Browning Invector Long Range Not Specified Long Stainless Steel
Carlson’s Choke Tubes Sporting Clays Choke Budget Improved Mid Steel

8 Best Choke for Duck Hunting Reviews in 2022

Let’s take a look at the overall aspect of 8 different chokes for goose hunting. Here we are going for full detail of each product.


1. Editors Choice: Carlson’s Choke Tube Beretta Benelli

The Carlson’s Beretta Benelli makes the top of our list for its durability, usability, affordable price point, and compatibility. We can explain why this one deserves your appreciation too. 

Quality Construction and Excellent Durability

The Carlson Choke tube comes with a stainless steel body with excellent durability. They have used high-duty 17-04 stainless steel to design the choke tube. So, the choke tube can deliver optimal performance with less recoil. Also, the black coating will keep the improved cylinder tube safe from rust or corrosion. 

Also, the durable choke can shoot up to 1500 fps without any problem. So, it can withstand rough shots like steel shots or buckshot easily. 

The Carlson choke makes a durable option for most Barretta shotguns, thanks to a quality build. No need to worry about its lifetime. The slightly modified choke will partner you with waterfowling for a long time.

Easy to Use

This choke cylinder is made to follow ducks easily. But the best part here is the usability. Carlson slightly modified this waterfowl choke tube so that you get an extended portion for installation ease. 

It means you can effortlessly insert or remove the tube anytime you want. However, the choke tube is not compatible with all Beretta guns. So, you better check the compatibility first before buying this shotgun choke. What’s more, they designed the modified choke to keep the muzzle protected. 

Surprisingly Affordable

Even though you get a stainless steel choke body and effortless usability, this Carlson’s choke model is surprisingly affordable. No, we are not saying it’s a cheap price but within your budget range.

Plus, there’s a lifetime warranty from Carlson. So, yes, that also makes it an affordable option. Anyone can rest assured that their money won’t go to waste for manufacturer defects or sudden defections. 


Well, this best choke model is not compatible with every Beretta gun model. But the compatibility list is impressive. It’s compatible with your Benelli Supernova, Beretta  A300, Stoeger 2000, 3000, and 3500.

Specifications for Carlson’s Choke Tube Beretta Benelli

Style Improved cylinders
Construction 17-04 Stainless Steel
Dimension 4 x 1 x 8 inches
Range Mid
Size 1 Size
Color Black

User Experience: Overall the user experience is excellent thanks to the sturdy build. It can handle powerful shots of 1500fps with ease. Also it reduces fliers while tightening dense patterns. So, if the target remains steady, it’s safe to say it can hit the duck straight.

Pros to Prefer

  • Highly durable stainless steel construction
  • Comes at an affordable price point
  • The extended portion calls for easy installation and removal
  • Features a lifetime warranty

Cons to Consider

  • Not compatible with every Benelli shotgun model

Why Should You Buy it?

The Carlsons 12-gauge choke tube is a good affordable option for waterfowlers. It can complete buck shots and it can carry more pallets to your target. It’s currently the best beretta choke for duck hunting. Even though you can’t use it on every Beretta shotgun, the compatibility list is still impressive. 

2. Best for Steel Shot: Carlson’s Choke Tube Remington 12 Ga Cremator Tube Choke

Looking for the best choke for duck hunting steel shot? The Carlson’s Cremator series has built a reputation for making mid-range and long-range shots without any restrictions. So, if you are in for a steel shot, this one is a good option. 

Triple Shot Technology for Excellent Performance

Over the years, Carlson has introduced several outstanding waterfowl chokes. In doing so, they have worked with shot patterns and tried to improve their products. The cremator series is proof of that hard work. 

Mainly, the choke features triple shot technology to enhance the performance of your shots. It includes two graduated rings in the parallel section of the tube. As a result, there’s minor pallet deformation, fliers, and a shortened shot string. 

Safe to say, you can prepare for many waterfowl hunting situations with this set. It’s better than any standard choke tube, obviously. 

Durable Stainless Steel Construction

The Remington 12 Ga has a durable stainless steel construction to complement the robust patterning. It’s made in the US. So, we don’t have to discuss the quality of these products more. 

Anyway, we can say for sure that these are highly durable. They have been machined to perfection and surely allow more consistent patterns. Not just that, they have used 17-04 stainless steel and heat-treated them to ensure a solid construction. 

Carlson is confident enough to even add a lifetime warranty with the product. So, it’s no surprise the choke tube can withstand powerful shots with more constriction. Don’t worry about your muzzle – the choke can keep it protected. 

Easy to Remove and Install

This choke tube is designed to ensure better installation and removal. You can install or remove it by hand or use the included wrench on the packet. Yes, they even have a wrench on the package. However, you don’t need that unless there’s any other problem. 

So, when you can remove the choke faster, you can quickly switch to different types of shots.

Good for Steel Shot

This choke is an excellent addition to your duck game if you aim for a steel shot. It’s because the 12 Ga has 3different size variants for 12 and 20-gauge shotguns. It has the power to shoot different types of loads. And no limit on constriction gives it a slight edge over the competition. 

Specifications for Carlson’s Choke Tube Remington 12 Ga Cremator Tube Choke

Style Light Modified
Construction 17-04 Stainless Steel
Dimension 4 x 1 x 8 inches
Range Mid
Size 1 Size
Color Black

User Experience: The product really adds to your duck game on the marsh. The extended tube helps you make steel shots without any restrictions. When you make a shot, the pellets won’t deform and get the shots right. 

Pros to Prefer

  • No size or speed restrictions for making steel shot
  • Reduced pellet deformation
  • Seamless installation and removal
  • Get shortened shot string and fewer fliers

Cons to Consider

  • A bit expensive

Why Should You Buy it?

With the 12 Ga, you can gain 10% more penetration even with common lead bullets. It’s an overall good product for making powerful shots Quakers even on a 30+ yard range. Yes, the price is a bit expensive but it can provide better value for money with durability and performance. 


3. Best Custom Chokes: MOJO Outdoors Fatal Shot Custom

Mojo Outdoors has been around a long time, raising the bar for hunting and outdoor products. And the Outdoor Fatal Shot custom provides a denser and more uniform design to eliminate the need for multiple chokes. Here is the reason why this one is one of the best custom chokes for duck hunting:

A Complete Custom Choke

Mojo made a collaboration with Rob Roberts to design this completely customized choke. Now, if you are into hunting, you have heard about Rob Roberts. He has in-depth knowledge about gun performance. That’s why he is now providing performance upgrades and improvements to Mojo. 

And their collaboration produced exciting results. The Fatal shot custom has a computerized design. Also, they tested the chokes to generate ultimate precision for waterfowling. It’s tested to enhance the performance and accuracy of the modern-day ammo. 

More Precision and Point of Impact

The Fatal shot is a dense pattern that can hold ammo longer. Not to mention, the interchangeable choke tubes can produce a consistent point of impact. Mainly, it’s because the waterfowling choke has non-ported tubes. Thanks to that, you can go for instant kills with all loads. 

Made in the US

Yes, this custom choke is proudly made in the USA. So, you can bet it has high-quality construction material. It patterns just as a long-range pattern. So, you can shoot any shot size with any velocity through this product. 

But there’s a chance the construction can’t hold such power. Not with this one. This product is made using the finest 17-04ph stainless steel. So, you can expect the product to last for a long time.

Convenient Shooting Experience

If the choke is not easy to use, you can’t claim it is a convenient option. And this custom choke also shines in the shooting experience. Firstly, the product features a convenient grip for changing these chokes without any choke tool. 

In the case of shooting, the Fatal Shot shines the most. You can reach further with these models. Additionally, the pattern ensures a tight choke design. And thanks to that, you can use it for pass shooting and jump shooting. Mainly, the chokes can perform pretty well, even in a big late season.

They don’t drop below 40+ yards range even in the big late season. When more pallets reach the target, it will produce better results. And fatal shot can deliver just the right shooting experience. 

Specifications for Mojo Outdoor Fatal Shot Custom

Style Custom
Construction 17-04 Stainless Steel Blend
Dimension 9 x 1 x 4 inches
Range Long
Size 3 Size
Color Gold

User Experience: Well, it’s versatile shotgun choke. It comes in different ranges from short, medium, and short ranges for waterfowling. You can hunt goose, quail, pheasant, and even grouse. The hardened stainless steel will take all the harsh shot impacts. So, you can just go straight for the kill. 

Pros to Prefer

  • Computerized design and tested for optimal performance
  • Denser and more uniform pattern at all shotgun ranges
  • Eliminates the use for multiple chokes
  • Features a lifetime warranty

Cons to Consider

  • Doesn’t fit the brands or products it doesn’t list

What Should You Buy It?

If you consider the performance of these chokes, they are easily one of the best shotgun choke for duck hunting. But make sure you check your shotgun is listed in the compatibility list. If it does, you can say goodbye to carrying multiple chokes for duck hunting. 


4. Best Extended: Carlson’s Choke Tube Beretta Benelli Mobil

The Beretta Benelli Mobil can fire many types of shots, making it one of the best-extended choke for duck hunting. It may seem this item is overpriced at first. However, it scores high brilliantly in the performance sector. Why? Let’s check them out. 

Tight Constriction

Tighter choke construction is the highlight of this item. You can get a tight constriction at .700 and .710. In some cases, your camouflage attempt will fail. And for such situations, you can gain the advantages of the wide range. 

Also, the parallel section has a 25% extra choke tube that assists you with the wide range. As a result, the long-range tube helps you cover the extra distance without losing accuracy. 

No Size or Speed Restriction

The Carlson’s Choke tube has no size or speed restrictions. You can even make steel shots with them. However, you can’t use it to make steel shots with shotguns sizing more than #2.

Yes, it features 17-04fp stainless steel construction. So, it has the power to withstand steel shots without losing shot balance.

Capable of Shooting Different Types of Shots

This is by far one of the best features of this long-range choke. You can use lead, copper, tungsten, nickel, bismuth, and even Hevi shot with the choke. Of course, the variable choke tube ensures you gain versatility while shooting. 

Well, the only problem is that the choke model provides one tube per purchase. And that’s a letdown.

Attractive design with high-quality construction

At first glance, you can tell it’s a beautiful-looking factory choke. And when you take them in your hands, you won’t stay distracted with the decision for long. You can tell it has a hardened stainless steel finish underneath it. 

And Carlson is a champion in terms of construction material. And this one is no exception. For the construction material, they were able to design a dense pattern. 

Specifications for Carlson’s Choke Tube Beretta Benelli Mobil

Style Modified
Construction 17-04 Stainless Steel 
Dimension 8.46 x 4.8 x 1.14 inches
Range Mid/Long
Color Black

User Experience: The choke pattern fits the listed shotgun models perfectly. So, no problems with installation. However, the tube loosens up after a few shots. Well, it’s not true for all shotgun models. But hopefully, that’s not a major problem. 

Pros to Prefer

  • Tight constriction for mid and long-range shotguns
  • No speed or size restriction for steel shot
  • 25% longer parallel section for extended range
  • Can use with different types of shots

Cons to Consider

  • Comes with just one tube

Why Should You Buy It?

We have said it over and over again – paying a lot of cash for just one tube per purchase is not worth it. But it has some extended choke features that many other models lack. This is why it’s one of the best picks for long-range waterfowling.


5. Best Improved Choke: Carlson’s Beretta/Benelli Mobil 12 GA Sporting Clays Choke Tubes

If you are looking for a good quality improved cylinder choke, we recommend this one. It’s one of the best-modified chokes for duck hunting. And we can point out the major ones here.

Features a tight pattern and extended downrange

This item is pretty popular among duck hunters in the US. Even though the item came in 2016, it still possesses the power to satisfy hunters with its tight pattern and extended downrange – quite an improvement for the shot-lok technology.

The tighter pattern will hold the ammo for an extended period. As a result, you can stay confident that it will hit and kill with the factory choke. It is slightly modified to increase the downrange. So, it’s a good option for immediate results on trap shooting events. 

Nice Even Patterns:

The patterns on the factory choke are great. Mainly, the knurled end of the choke makes it easy to install. You don’t need a wrench tool to install the item. However, they have added a separate wrench tool with the package. 

Not to mention, there’s anti-seize on the threads to stop galling. Generally, stock tubes will let the ducks go through the patterns without breaking. This often leads to upsetting results. But you can actually see the birds without breaking while you shoot. 

Can Withstand Steel Shot

The 12 Ga sporting clay is a gamechanger for withstanding high-velocity hunting loads. With this, you can get penetration before the pattern. That’s primarily because of the heavy-duty construction. 

You can gain extra penetration with a standard lead shot in a 50-yard area, thanks to the durable construction. That’s quite a range! The choke delivers powerful shots, but it can also handle steel shots. In short, it’s a perfect partner for dusted targets like ducks. 

Improve your Trap Shooting

An improved choke is an excellent option for improving your trap shooting. It’s made for a 12-gauge system, and you can notice immediate improvements after using the item. Why is that? Just like we said, this factory choke features a better downrange. That’s why you can practice trap shooting within a 30 to 40-yard range. 

This also helps you with waterfowling. The additional power from each shot is sure to produce better results. 

Specifications for Carlson’s Beretta/Benelli Mobil 12 GA Sporting Clays Choke Tubes

Style Light Modified
Construction Heat Treated Stainless Steel 
Dimension 7.68 x 3.66 x 1.14 inches
Range Mid
Color Matte Black

User Experience: As far as we are concerned, the Mobil 12 Ga sporting clay has delivered a great performance in trapshooting games. It has an extended range and won’t let the bird get through the pattern.

Pros to Prefer

  • Comes with 12 Ga Remington systems
  • Equips durable heat-treated steel construction and a matte black finish
  • Improved cylinder constriction
  • Made in USA

Cons to Consider

  • Cannot fit it on common 870

Why Should you Buy It?

You can’t get a better-improved choke than this one. It’s very well made and of high quality. Also, it can help you increase your shooting accuracy for the extended range and shot load capacity. 


6. Best Durable Option: Carlson’s Choke Tubes 07579 Carlson

The 07579 is a versatile factory choke that provides the three common types of constrictions for waterfowling. Yes, it comes with a close range, mid-range, and full range constriction. But there’s more to it than just that. 

Alloy Steel Construction

No other choke on our list comes with an alloy steel construction. But this one does. We should clear it up if you don’t know why it’s a big deal to have alloy steel. Alloy steel is slightly better than steel construction for equipping yield strength and stronger tensile. 

As a result, the choke is capable of withstanding more shot loads. Yes, alloy steels are not that great at handling high temperatures. Well, that’s not a massive problem for 12-gauge systems. Anyway, the alloy steel construction is a bonus for achieving fewer recoils. 

3 Pack Set

The Carlson’s 07579 comes as a 3-pack set. You will receive mid-range, full-range, and long-range chokes with the package. Also, they included a box to keep them as a set. No need to worry about maintaining the tubes. So, you don’t have to find different types of constrictions from other brands. You get everything in just a single package. 

Quick Installation and Easy Removal

Carlson has always impressed us with an easy-to-use design on their choke. This one is no exception. The knurled patterns on the end allow for easy installation and quick removal. Well, the marks are visible enough so that you can find the right fit for your shotgun. 

Benelli Crio Plus Threading

The threading of this product gives it a smoother and uniform surface. As a result, it can stay clean even after extensive use. Yes, you have to take care of them, but you don’t have to waste plenty of time cleaning them. 

As a matter of fact, the Crio Plus threading has a more durable build. Instead of heat treating, they generally freeze the choke barrels. And we said alloy is not excellent with high temperature. So, freezing the choke tube keeps it safe from the stresses caused by hammer forging. As a result, the choke tube can resist wads and shots. 

Specifications for Carlson’s Choke Tubes 07579 Carlson

Style Not Specified
Construction Alloy Steel
Dimension 12 x 6 x 2 inches
Range Mid, Close, and Long
Color Black

User Experience: Well, the 07579 Carlson works very well with compatible 12-gauge systems. The marks are visible so you can easily detect the right patterns for duck hunting. 

Pros to Prefer:

  • Durable alloy steel construction
  • Includes a 3 pack choke
  • Great patterns and threading
  • Better value for money

Cons to Consider

  • Not compatible with every Beretta 12-gauge system

Why Should You Buy It?

You may have noticed that we are saying the product has good patterns. And it fits perfectly with your shotgun model. Finally, the whole package offers great value for money. So, you can buy it anytime. 


7. Best Long Range: Patternmaster 12ga Browning Invector

Patternmaster is a widely known factory choke manufacturer around the globe. And its Patternmaster series is a crowd-favorite choice for long-range duck hunting. You can also hunt goose with it. Some other things that impress us the most are:

Perfect for Long Range Waterfowling

This one has the tightest constriction among all the products on our list. The black tube will extend out the end of your gun’s barrel as it stands. For that, you can extend the range of this choke tube to 70 yards. Getting accurate kills on 70 years is no joke. So, how does it produce such good results?

Actually, the Code Black features internal strips, and it can strip away wad when you enter it on the choke. This allows the wad to leave the barrel before the wad comes out. That’s why the choke tube better results even on the more extended range. 

Improved Pattern Density

The internal rings also contribute here. The inner rings have a secondary effect of being more specific about them. The strings are there to reduce the number of flyers, increasing the pattern density. So, you get a better chance of killing the target. When the barrel separates the barrel from the shots, you get a better pattern density. 

Patented Stud Ring

Well, the Browning Invector is not a full choke but can achieve the performance of a complete pattern. It’s because there’s a ‘Stud Ring’ inside the tube. So, there’s a much small shot string.

This means there are more shots on the target while hunting duck or goose. The downrange adds enough energy to kill targets without crippling them. 

Titanium Infused Stainless Steel Construction

Patternmaster used titanium-infused 17-04 stainless steel for making the cylinder choke. As you know, high temperature is not new for gun barrels. So, scorching and corrosion are common occurrences for choke tubes.

Titanium, on the other hand, keeps the tube away from corrosion. So, you can expect better durability if you are a regular hunter. 

Better Value for Money

The Patternmaster Browning Invector provides better value for money. Soon after you start using the factory choke, you will forget the price and only remember the quality. 

Specifications for Patternmaster 12 Ga Browning Invector

Style Not Specified
Construction Titanium Infused Stainless Steel
Dimension Not Specified
Range Long
Color Black

User Experience: You can guess the quality once you start using these choke tubes. It can deliver optimal performance, and you rarely need to make follow-up shots. 

Pros to Prefer

  • Best for long-range waterfowling
  • Durable construction can withstand high loads
  • Improved pattern density
  • Similar to full constriction patterns

Cons to Consider

  • Cancels the effect of fly-control wads

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are in for long-range bird hunting, no other choke tube is better than this one. Even after offering exceptional features, the choke tube comes with a surprising price tag. You better keep that in mind. 


8. Best Budget Option: Carlson’s Choke Tubes Sporting Clays Choke

Those who have a strict budget can pick this one for bird hunting. This improved cylinder model has attracted plenty of attention on Amazon. Is it just for the price? Let’s find out. 


Maybe this is the main reason why the choke tube model is receiving so much attention. It’s a versatile model that fits most common shotgun models, including Browning, Mossberg Model 500, etc. 

Now, plenty of hunters lack the budget to buy a compatible modified choke. But this one stands at the top as an excellent alternative on a strict budget. 

Improved Cylinder Constriction and Construction

Another good thing about this budget-friendly shotgun choke is the .700 tight cylinder constriction. Still, the tight grouping was possible for the durable stainless steel construction. 

Without a durable construction, there’s a chance for muzzle blasts. Not with this one. The heat-treated stainless steel construction can withstand high-velocity shot impact without damaging the muzzle. 

Easy Fastening

Just like any premium quality factory choke from Carlson, this duck hunter equips a similar installation system. Carlson lasered the constriction on the end to be visible for the user. Not just that, you find the signature knurled end to install and remove the item easily.

But if you have any problem installing it, there’s a wrench tool to help you with the process. 

Good Performance

Certainly, you won’t get the performance output from this like any high-end chokes. However, the product does a fairly decent job for new or practicing duck hunters. It delivers a proper performance in more extended sporting clay stations. 

Style Modified
Construction Steel
Dimension 4 x 2 x 2 inches
Range Not Specified
Color Black

User Experience: The threads on the choke tube model is very tough. You may need to use the wrench tool for first-time installation because the powder fouling on the threads makes installation harder. Once you install it, the item will stay secured with the locktite. 

Pros to Prefer

  • Budget-friendly choke tube
  • Compatible with most common and inexpensive model
  • Decent build quality
  • Perfect for beginner waterfowl hunters

Cons to Consider

  • Not compatible with shotgun models that are not listed

Why Should You Buy It?

If you own an inexpensive shotgun, you can appreciate the value this factory has to offer. Overall, it delivers a pretty decent performance for the price. 

How do I choose the best choke for duck hunting?

It’s important to combine the right type of choke with the right type of shot. By doing so, you can get a wider range and improve shooting while you are hunting ducks. But how do get the combination right? 

Here, you will get quick Overview of how do I choose the best choke for duck hunting:

Let, We will discuss what you need to choose the best choke for waterfowl hunting. 

Type of Choke You Need

There are different types of choke available for hunters. Which one is best for hunting ducks? Generally, an improved cylinder choke or modified cylinder choke makes the best combination for hunting ducks. Why?

Just think about it; you would ideally expect your choke and load combination to generate 70 to 75% of the shot charge in a mid-range area. Expecting more power is not a good thing for several reasons.

Hunting duck is more like pass shooting. So, when you hunt them, you want to make a small shoot that can fill an open pattern. Yes, you can use a full choke to generate excellent power. Even though full chokes generate a better pattern for a small shot, it will quickly damage your choke and gun. 

Full chokes are solely made for long-distance shots. You can use them to hunt ducks but the high impact will damage the meat. So, avoiding full chokes is the smartest choice. 

That’s why modified and improved chokes are best for hunting ducks. Light Modified aftermarket tubes can be used for just about anything. It’s a good option for shooting ducks even when they are moving. 

On the other hand, improved cylinders are best if you are trying to attempt a camouflage to shoot a duck. 


You can cover a wide area with a single shot from any traditional shotgun. And it’s an invaluable hunting tool, especially for bird hunters. Anyway, standard shotguns have a problem with the spread. The more the range, the more the spread. 

The longer the target, the fewer pallets will reach from the shotgun to make it easy to understand. An average American duck is around 30-inches or something like that. If you want to bag them with a single shot, you need to ensure more pallets reach it.

However, the spread of your shotgun can cause problems. And choke tube range can balance the spread. Most choke tube brand promotes the range and accuracy of each product. They never talk about the spread. So, you have to make sure the choke tube can deliver a steady enough range without spreading too many pallets. 

Simply reading user reviews won’t help. Try to test out some of the popular models on the market. You can draw a 30-yeard circle to test different choke and shot combinations to get the desired range.

Choke Constriction

The tighter the constriction, the better the impact. That’s why constriction is one of the most crucial aspects of buying a duck hunting choke tube. So, why a tight constriction?

Ideally, constriction determines how tight the spread holds upon firing. It also determines the pattern of the spread. When you have an idea about the constriction, you can pick a model suited for a specific environment. 

Yes, tight constriction holds the pallets together for an extended period. If you are working in an open area, you better choose a choke with tighter constriction. With a tighter choke constriction, you can afford the advantage of getting the pallets closer to the ducks from a long distance. 

However, if you are hunting in close-range areas full of vegetation, go for a wider constriction so that you can go for an instant kill. 

Construction Material

Construction material indicated the durability of any product. For a choke tube, you need to ensure it can withstand high-velocity loads without damaging the muzzle. You better ensure the shotgun choke is not volatile to heat. 

As far as we know, 17-04fp is the most preferred material among choke manufacturers. But some try to enhance the durability by infusing Titanium or using alloy steel. Anyway, if you see a choke with stainless steel construction, it’s good enough. You just need to check the effectiveness and structure of its design. 

Another thing we most of the time forget to check is the design. When you are hunting ducks, it doesn’t mean you are invisible. The ducks can see you. That’s why professional hunters attempt camouflage hunts. 

For this reason, they avoid any choke model that has a reflective surface. You should also avoid a smooth golden finish. Getting a black finish is always the best idea. 

Ported or Non-Ported Tubes

What type of ammunition do you use with your shotgun? Depending on that, you need to decide whether you need ported tubes or non-ported tubes. 

Ported tubes are compatible with every steel shot. On the other hand, non-ported tubes can handle ammunition made from other materials. Ported tubes can reduce muzzle flash by venting off the gases inside the shotgun. As a result, it can reduce the recoil and generate accurate results. 

Yes, non-ported tubes are easy for your ears. But you have to manage the constant recoils. Well, which one to pick is up to you and the environment you are working in. If you have a dog and any partner with you, non-ported chokes are decent for your ears. On the other hand, ported models ensure high efficiency. 


Is the choke helpful for hunting ducks?

Of course, they are. You can’t expect a shotgun to meet all expectations of a bird hunter. That’s why choke is there to customize the hunting experience. So, yes, it’s helpful for duck hunting in different environments, situations, and range. 

Why should you not use the full chokes?

You can use full chokes to target slow targets because it limits the spread to its fullest extent. However, ducks are not slower by any means. Also, they put a lot of pressure on shotgun barrels and damage them. That’s why you shouldn’t use full chokes for hunting ducks. 

Is a modified choke good for duck hunting?

Yes, modified choke offers a good spread while the point of impact. The spread here is essential because it won’t ruin the duck’s meat after making a contact like full chokes. Also, the modified chokes are designed to generate different spreads depending on the ammunition. 

What happens if you shoot steel shot through a full choke?

You can’t expect a good combination of steel shot and a full choke. If you do, your gun barrel will face a blast pattern and make it utterly useless. 

Is a full choke good for duck hunting?

No, it’s not. Yes, you can use it to hunt ducks within a long-range area. However, full chokes are designed to group together ammo to its limits. As a result, it will damage the meat at the point of impact. 

Wrapping Up

As you gain experience hunting ducks, you get more instinctual than staying intentional with each shoot. Still, you need the best choke for duck hunting in order to customize the hunting experience. 

Finding the top choke model is not easy as you have to stay alarmed whether the choke will fit right with your shotgun or not. However, we tried to review 8 versatile chokes for waterfowl hunters. 

And while we were making this list, Carlson’s Choke Tube Remington 12 Ga Cremator impressed us the most. It’s surprisingly affordable and offers great functionality. What’s more, it fits with most common Beretta shotgun models. 

Anyway, you can use all the information above to find the best product for your next duck hunting game. We hope you make the right decision while picking a factory choke.

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