Best Duck Hunting Backpack Reviews of 2022

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Storage space is one of the less exciting aspects of duck hunting. You need to bring your hunting gear or other accessories to the field. So, Having the best duck hunting backpack with waterproof features is a must needed. Along with that, Your bag must remain lightweight and nimble.

Several hunting backpacks are available in the market, but not all bags are perfect for duck hunting. We have done in-depth research and come with 4 best waterfowl hunting backpacks. The following backpacks will help you to succeed in the game and carry your hunting trophy home.

4 Best Waterproof Backpack For Duck Hunting

TideWe Hunting Backpack – Overall Best

The TideWe hunting Backpack is waterproof, lightweight, and durable as well constructed with high-quality polyester. Along with these, The external straps, compartments, and easy organization facility make this pack one of the favorite picks for duck hunting. 

The shoulder straps and waist belt are incredibly comfortable as well as durable. The straps are adjustable that makes this pack perfect for every size hunter.

 In addition, This backpack comes with plenty of space and a multi-pocket design. As well, The pack comes with several small accessory pockets, which are made with elastic lining. So, It helps you to organize your necessary item perfectly without messing. 

This pack’s good part is its design to provide better breathability and distribute the weight on your back perfectly. So, When it’s on your back, even loaded down with all of your gear, you can hardly tell that it’s on your back.

The pack comes with a built-in rain cover. This cover keeps your gear and apparel dry when raining. The good part is, magnets protect the rain cover storage compartment rather than a zipper or noisy velcro.

ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Day Pack – Runner-Up

The Alps OutdoorZ Dark Timber Day pack is one of the perfect duck hunting backpacks where you could carry your gear in an organized manner. You won’t be lacking spacing due to its large storage compartment. 

This highly functional backpack has side mesh pouches that allow you to organize every piece of equipment perfectly, making it very simple to reach and grab what you want.

If you’re generally carrying lots of gear or things in your backpack, you will notice that it becomes bulky and heavy. But, That doesn’t happen with this pack because it comes with side compression straps that make everything as compact as possible. 

Though, The pack having internal or external frames lacking issue, all the straps are adjustable and ensure a perfect fit. The mesh back keeps your back cool, and a hydration pocket and port keep you from being thirsty.

Further, The camo hunting pack is lightweight and easy to carry. This pack’s camo pattern is easily blended with any environment and is withstanding any weather condition due to its water-resistant material. 

Auscamotek Camo Hunting Backpack – Budget Value

If you’re looking for a waterfowl hunting backpack at a cheaper rate, the Auscamotek Camo Hunting Backpack is an ideal option for you. 

The backpack isn’t bulky but big enough to carry your hunting gear and everything you want. Also, This camo pattern backpack comes with lots of compartments, which helps you organize your gears perfectly. The two side water pockets keep you from being thirsty. 

The good part is this backpack is made with water-resistance material. As well, It’s lightweight and sat comfortably on your back while you walk to find the target. Also, The front strap ensures that the pack won’t slip around and distribute the weight perfectly on your back.

The backpack is suitable for all ages, so if you want to bring your kids with you, this backpack will be ideal for your kids because it is lightweight and suitable to carry as a kid.

However, This pack isn’t suitable for carrying heavyweight due to its dimension.

Drake Waterfowl Swamp Sole Backpack – Best Under $150

While your important duck hunting gear is safe from weather, that means a lot, and the swamp Sole Backpack does that job. This premium quality backpack, constructed with high-quality polyester, features Hydro-Durance HD2 technology that makes this pack sturdy and strong enough from inside and weatherproof.

The air mesh padding and an air-flow channel are used to make the pack’s portion that keeps your back cool and reduces perspiration.

The best part of this Drake Waterfowl Swamp Sole Backpack is that you can keep your essential gear or items on the pack’s outer layer for getting easy access when needed. Along with the outer space, The pack has plenty of interior storage. So, You can carry everything, even extra layers of clothes and other accessories.

How to Choose A Best Duck Hunting Backpack

If you went any local store, you’ll notice that there are plenty of bags available. However, All backpacks aren’t suitable for hunting. So, You have to know which makes a backpack best for hunting. 

Here’s a quick overview of what you should look for when searching a backpack for your next duck hunting adventure.

  • Lightweight and Durability
  • Design
  • Weather Resistance
  • Size
  • Straps
  • Better fit (Like gloves) and Adjustability 
  • Camouflage
  • Hydration pack pockets
  • Price

Frequently Asked Question

Can I use a regular backpack?

If you’re generally hunting from a vehicle or cabin, there haven’t any problem to use regular backpack. But, Regular packs aren’t designed for long-term wild use.

When hunting, You need to carry proper gear, that time, a pack that offers functionality, purpose, and comfort is must be recommended. Also, you’ll face harsh weather in the field where your regular backpack won’t protect your equipment in that unexpected weather. 

What should I pack in my duck hunting backpack?

It depends on your personal preference or how much time you want to spend out in the field. But, If you’re a regular hunter, here are a few pieces of equipment you should bring:

  • Arms and Ammo
  • Duck hunting binoculars
  • Game License and Registration
  • Weather Appropriate Clothes
  • Rain gear
  • Extra socks
  • Extra Gloves for duck hunting
  • Food and Water
  • First aid kit
  • Waterfowl Calls
  • Field Dressing Gear
  • Headlight or Flashlight

How do you clean and wash your hunting backpack? 

Here are few quick tips about how you wash your hunting backpack: 

  • First thing first, Read washing Instruction.
  • Take your backpack apart if your pack has detachable parts. Also, Remove all the gear from the bag.
  • Before going into the washing process, give your pack a good shake. Also, You can use a handheld vacuum or brush for doing this process.
  • Take a damp cloth and wipe down the whole bag.
  • Use water as your preference. Cold water is best for remove stains when ice cold water is best for removing bloodstains. 
  • Put your bag into a tub of water and scrub it with a soft brush.
  • Again follow the same process but that time, Put some detergent ( such as scent killer clothing wash) into a tub of room temperature water. 
  • Finally, finishing the cleaning process, hang it up to dry.

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