Best elk hunting knife Review In 2022

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Having the right blade is important for hunting, especially for elk. Whether you succeed or not, it doesn’t matter because knives are versatile and must-have tools. The real and tricky work begins when you succeed in elk hunting and take down your target animal. Then, you need to process the meat quickly. So, A best elk hunting knife is necessary to process or field dress the game animal. 

There are two things common in all knives: A blade and handle. But, All are not suitable for hunting. Hunting knives need to be more robust than your pocket knife. In this guide, You will get an overview of few top-class hunting knives which fulfill your needs. So, You don’t need to go far away to find the best elk hunting knife.

After a long hour of research, the Following 6 knives are our top pick for your next elk hunting adventure.

Top 6 Best Elk Hunting Knives

KA-BAR Becker BK2 Knife

If you want a knife that comes with all survival features then nothing better than the Becker Bk2 knife. 

The BK2 has a 5.25-inch long drop point style fixed blade with a high flat grind. The blade is strong and sharp enough that makes this knife perfect for field-dressing and apart prying joints during skinning. 

The blade formed from 1095 CRO-VAN durable high carbon steel. So, You can resharpen it easily in the field. Also, The blade has sandpaper textured that makes it looks great as well as protects the edge from oxidation.

The Becker BK2 is built with an extended tang that attaches to the bottom of the handle. Thanks to Ethan Becker, who makes the fantastic elegant design of the handle. The handle is constructed with high-quality plastic material ( Zytel) with glass reinforcement that makes the handle tough and durable. The handle ensures a better grip and well balanced on hand because of its ergonomically, thick and smooth design.

Overall, Its superior build quality and performance with a fair price ratio make this Becker knife ideal for elk hunters.

Outdoor Edge RazorLite

Outdoor Edge RazorLite

This outdoor Edge RazorLite is our another favorite pick. If you don’t like to sharpen the knife repeatedly, nothing better than the Outdoor Edge RazorLite. 

It’s a more portable knife on the whole list because of its 200-gram weight. In addition, This folding knife is one of the best pocket skinning knives that ensures better durability and flexibility.

You don’t need to sharpen the blade in-field when skinning the elk; simply push the button using a thumb and finger, remove the dull blade, and insert another super-sharp blade. 

The knife comes with 6 replaceable blades, and each blade is 3.5-inch long, which comes in a nylon belt sheath and ready to use when needed.

This stainless steel blade gets robust and reliable vibes for its black oxide-coated holder. In addition, The razor blade skinning knife gets better support due to its rubberized non-slip TPR handle.

Overall, No matter what you hunt, If you’re holding the knife snugly, It can peel off and slice any game from rabbit to huge elk.

Gerber Moment Field Dress Kit I

If you’re a serious elk hunter and want a field dressing knife in the budget range, then the Gerber moment field dress kit is the best elk hunting knife for you.

The Gerber Moment comes with two knives: the large fixed blade and the small fixed blade. Both knives come with full tang construction where the larger fixed blade features a gut hook. So, You can perfectly skinning animals and halving and quartering your game animal easily.

Thanks to the molded rubber handles, which provide you with a comfortable grip when processing animals you hunt. Also, You’ll feel better balanced when both of the knives on your hand because of the lightweight design.

Both knives come with a durable nylon construction sheath which allows you maximum portability and safety. 

Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife

The Buck Knives designed around 50 years ago but hold its position as an outdoor beast. The special fixed blade knife can handle heavy-duty chopping and skinning for its 6-inch clip point blade.

The robust blade is constructed with 420HC stainless steel. Though The stell isn’t the best and hardest in the market, it has excellent edge retention and sharpness. The blade is easy to sharpen in any field situation. Also, The knife is thicker (3/16 inches), and the sharp tip makes it more worthy for skinning and piercing. 

When you first open the knife, The simple but beautiful black phenolic palm swells design of the handle attracts your eyes. Along with the design, The handle provides you a comfortable grip, and the aluminum double finger guard allows you to simple hammering. However, The knife gets a little slippery when wet. 

The knife is lightweight (7.5 ounces) and easy to carry for its high-quality leather sheath.

Gerber Vital Big Game Folder

The Gerber Vital Folding knives come with a 3.75-inch sharp blade which allows you to process the big game perfectly. Also, The knife included two drop point blades and two blunt tip blades. 

So, You can easily change blades safely when needed for its split sec Tec tool blade replacement feature. With a sharp blade, The blaze orange rubber overmold handle provides you a comfortable grip when using it.

The knife weight is only 4.9 oz and comes with sheath houses which allow you to carry the knife easily with your belt. In addition, The knife comes with a lifetime warranty.

Opinel Stainless Steel Folding Knives

It isn’t my favorite choice for big game hunting, but considering the price point, it is excellent. The Opinel knife is made with stainless carbon steel and a beechwood handle. 

The blade is 3.25-inch long and is highly anti-corrosive, which helps to outstand the knife in harsh environments. As well, The blade is keen and sharp, which stands up for long years and is easy to sharpen.

The handle hasn’t any finger protection, but the superb palm swell provides a comfortable grip when skinning game animals. 

The viroblock locking ring is outstanding and brilliant in terms of effectiveness and simplicity. Also, The ring comes with two sections, one fixed and another sliding for secure locking purposes.

How to Choose Best Elk Hunting Knife

Be sure to consider the following factors when you are looking for the best hunting knife for a big game and that guide helps you to choose the best one which fulfills your needs.

Blade: If you’re planning to skin an elk, a razor-sharp blade is a must-be recommended. The regular, knife won’t provide you enough value because of the different types of blade and edge. 

Want to know more about how to choose best blade for hunting knife then checkout this article.

So, Performing the quick field dressing you need to choose an insanely sharp blade. The stainless steel and rust-resistance materials made blades are super-sharp which are ideal blades for hunting knives.

Handle: A better blade can’t show its true value without a proper handle. You need to select a handle that provides you a good grip and balance. Fortunately, Most field dressing or skinning knives come with good materials like wood, high-quality plastic, and rubber which provide a comfortable grip.

Size and Portability: It’s the worst idea to use a large blade for skinning elk. As well these are difficult to carry on the field. So, Select a knife that is a little bit smaller and comes with better quality sheathe.

Checkout few top class hunting knife sharpener.

Fixed vs Folding Knife

Fixed Blade Knives: These knife blades are permanently attached to the handle and stay in an open position. As there aren’t any moving parts, they are durable and reliable. That’s why these knives are good for heavy-duty and rougher outdoor work – like skinning a game animal, spitting, digging and much more. In addition, These knives are easy to maintain and clean.

However, You need to carry a sheath along with the knives for safe transportation.

Folding Knives: Folding knives also known as pocket knives. These knife blades can be folded inside the handle. So, These knives are so easy to carry in your pocket and ensure safer transportation. They are perfect for hunters who need a knife for everyday use. 

But, These knives aren’t strong enough as fixed knives. Also, You’ll face little difficulty when cleaning the knives.

Final Words

Not every knife provides you enough value for skinning elk or big game animals. So, You should get the best elk hunting knife that ensures outstanding performance on the field.

Hopefully, the above information and reviews help you to make a perfect choice. 

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