6 Best Spotting Scope For Elk Hunting In 2022

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It’s an open secret that success depends on perfect glass in big game hunting. As a professional hunter, you already know that each animal has its unique behavior as well as elks. A pair of binoculars for elk hunting is enough to keep them in your target in moderate areas.

However, If you are in an open space or consider hunting from a long distance, the first thing you need to consider is buying a best spotting scope for elk hunting. Otherwise, You don’t get the true enjoyment of long-range hunting.

The ethical aspect also works here because you need to determine elk’s gender and size from far away when you hunt elk. A powerful spotting scope with better magnification and objective lenses helps you select the perfect target and keep them in your eyesight.

However, there are plenty of options available in the market, so choosing the best spotting scopes for elk hunting can be challenging for you. So, Which one is best for you? Don’t worry; I do in-depth research and come with the 6 best elk hunting spotting scope.

In the following reviews, you will find everything you need to know before making your valuable decision.

Top 6 Best Spotting Scope For Elk Hunting

Celestron – Ultima 80 Angled Spotting Scope – Overall Best

Celestron – Ultima 80 Angled Spotting Scope

The first up on this list is an angled spotting scope from Celestron. It offers some excellent features that consist of a high-quality multi-coated lens, prism, and 20X to 60x magnification, along with a large 80 mm objective lens. These features make it the ultimate powerhouse of a spotting scope for elk hunting, even in low-light conditions.

The angled spotting scope is ready to use, and you don’t need to purchase anything to work with it. It comes with a tripod mounting plate and a zoom eyepiece with a T-shaped adapter, and all the other gear which you need to clean and transport this scope along with a carrying case.

Waterproof and fog-proof are two of the features that make it more reliable for a rough hunting environment. This scope is made with lightweight materials for ease of carrying, while the tough exterior offers it adequate protection from any kind of damage.

This spotting scope offers a 45-degree viewing angle which works pretty well. In addition, If you are a glass wearer or spent lots of time locating the target, then its 18mm eye relief relieves your problem and protects your eyes from straining.

The multi-coated lens ensures better transmitting of the collected light, enhances contrast and provides a crystal clear view of the target. So, You get the opportunity to find the elks even in dense brush, and the focus dial is larger as well. So, It never takes more than a few seconds to adjust, even if you are wearing gloves. Overall, the Celestron scope is an ideal choice for elk hunting in every way.


  • Magnification :- 20x to 60x
  • Objective Lens:- 80 mm
  • Length 20 inches
  • Field of View:-  32-16.15m @ 1000 m
  • 8m closest focusing distance
  • 18mm eye relief
  • 1,616-gram weight
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Decent build quality with sharp views.
  • Compact and lightweight design; easy to carry.
  • Excellent performance in low light condition.
  • Waterproof and fog proof to use in harsh environments.
  • Pretty expensive; best value for the money.
  • Slight chromatic aberration at high magnification.
  • The sight may become a bit shaky in high zoom.

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BARSKA 20-60×60 Waterproof Straight Spotting Scope – Best Value

The straight spotting scope from Barska comes with a compact design and better optical performance in the affordable price range. It features 20x to 60x magnification and a 60 mm lens with fully coated optics, making it an appropriate choice for long-range elk hunting.

The combination of magnification and lenses creates a vast field of view that helps you achieve a precise focus and get an overview of your hunting area.

Also, The BK-7 prisms and fully coated optics ensure better transmission of light in your eyes and produce high-resolution images throughout the entire zoom range. Also, The coating filters out harmful UV rays and cuts out lens flare for further enhancement of the view.

The lightweight scope is nitrogen purged to prevent fog and it has a sealed housing that makes it waterproof. The shock-absorbing rubber armor also provides you comfortable grips and also protects it during the accidental falls. These characteristics make the scope an ideal choice for hunting.

It comes with a soft carrying case and a pan-head tripod. So, You can use this tripod for long-time observation or viewing the elks or your target at full magnification.

This scope offers you 14.5 mm to 11.2mm eye relief from 20x to 60x magnification, respectively. So, If you’re a glass wearer, this is enough for you to focus or get a better view but not perfect.


  • Magnification :- 20x to 60x
  • Objective Lens:- 60 mm
  • 14.5 mm eye relief
  • Limited time warranty
  • Include case, tripod, and tripod mount
  • Fully coated optics and Porro prism
  • Rubber armor
  • Compact design 
  • Quality and coated optics for sharp views.
  • Better resolution and image quality on long-range.
  • Waterproof and fog proof; suitable for harsh environments.
  • Better light gathering capacity with the big objective lens.
  • Better grip with rubber armor on top.
  • Some users find the eye relief isn’t adequate.
  • Adjusting the focus knob can be a bit tricky.


Vanguard Endeavor HD Spotting Scope – Best Under $450

If you want high-end optical components and so many premium features from a spotting scope at a low mid-range price point, then the Endeavor HD spotting scope is the ultimate choice for you. This full-featured spotting scope not only suitable for elk hunting but also for all types of outdoor activities.

The Vanguard HD equips a Bak-4 prism which is made with extra-low dispersion glass (ED), and the fully multi-coated optics make this scope ideal for hunters. These features ensure perfect color rendition and reduce color fringing that produces an HD quality image of the target.

In addition, The Endeavor Vanguard comes with an advanced multi-guard coating, which produces optimum light transmission.

Another remarkable feature of the scope is its interchangeable eyepiece system. That makes it easier to share the view of a target with a fellow hunter. Also, The dual focusing knob mechanism allows you to get a sharp and clear image quickly. If you are a glass wearer or stick with scope for a long time observation, then you don’t get an opportunity to complain about its 20mm eye relief.

The Endeavor HD spotting scope is made with magnesium chassis, which makes this scope very robust. A rubber-armored body integral provides extra security in any condition and gives a high-quality-looking finish. The body of the spotting scope is sealed with nitrogen which makes this device fog-proof and waterproof.


  • Magnification:- 20x to 60x
  • Objective lens:- 82mm
  • Adjustable eyepieces
  • Field of view:- 110-52ft @1000 yards
  • Length and weight:- 14.97 inches and 63.6 oz
  • Fully multi-coated Bak-4 glass
  • Porro prism
  • Eye relief:- 20mm
  • Excellent value for money.
  • High-quality optics and coating.
  • Built-in sun shield; comfortable to use.
  • Waterproof and fog proof to use in harsh environments.
  • Long and interchangeable eye relief for convenient
  • Lifetime warranty for the worry-free using experience.
  • The image quality may drop at max power.
  • It’s slightly heavy.

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BARSKA Colorado Spotting Scope – Best Under $50

Your budget is tight, but a spotting scope is a must for your upcoming elk hunting adventure. In such a situation, the BARSKA colorado spotting scope can be a savior for you. It’s one of the most affordable spotting scopes that you can consider choosing.

This entry-level spotting scope comes with adjustable zoom from 15x to 40x magnification and a 50mm objective lens. The fully coated lens with Bk7 glass and high power optics provide excellent resolution and bright image and do a decent job of gathering light.

Thanks to its adjustable diopter ring, focus ring, and zoom wheel, which allow you to use this scope very easily. To make things easier for the new hunters, it includes a well-detailed instruction manual, enabling the user to know everything with ease.

The housing of the BARSKA scope is O-ring sealed and nitrogen-filled, which makes this scope waterproof and fog-proof. In addition, it has rubberized armor and ribs to ensure better performance and protection from any kind of scuffles and provide better grip.

However, The Barska colorado is well suited and provides the best image quality around 150 yards. Beyond that range, image quality reduces and starts to produce a blurry image.

In the box, you will discover a soft carrying case and a tripod. The mini tabletop tripod doesn’t hold the scope perfectly and quite flimsy. However, at this price point, these drawbacks can be acceptable.


  • Magnification :- 15x to 40x
  • 50mm lens
  • Straight eyepiece system
  • Eye relief:- 13-10 mm
  • FOV:- 150-45 feet @1000 yards
  • Rubber armored housing exterior
  • Bk-7 Fully coated optics
  • Weight :- 1.5 lbs
  • Decent image quality with quality optics.
  • Waterproof and fog proof for weatherproof performance.
  • Attractive look and spec at a low price.
  • Lightweight and portable; easy to use.
  • Not suitable for long-range sighting.
  • Not a good choice for those who use eyeglasses.

VIEW ON AMAZON: BARSKA Colorado Spotting Scope

MINOX MD 50 W Spotting Scope – best lightweight spotting scope for elk hunting

If you are searching for the best compact spotting scope for elk hunting or want better performance in low light conditions, then the Minox MD can be an excellent option for you. The brand itself is known for producing premium quality optics at a reasonable price tag and you can rely on them.

This lightweight spotting scope comes in both straight and angled body designs and only 660 grams and 8.39 inches long, which means it cuts out extra weight from your backpack.

The combination of a 50 mm lens and 16x to 30x magnification ensures that you get a high-resolution, crisp, and clear image. In addition, It features a multi-layer M coating with BAK-4 prism glass, which helps to light transmission, especially in low light conditions, and provides detailed images and high color contrast. The fully adjustable eyepiece and rotating wheel for zoom ensure that you can use this scope easily.

This compact scope comes with better water resistance features, and you can keep it submerged underwater at around 16 feet. Also, The nitrogen-filled body keeps your optics fog-proof.

The lightweight body with a sturdy build makes it more worthy of top-quality field performance. Besides, The rubber armor produces a better grip and also makes it shock resistant. The good part is that this scope comes with a lifetime warranty. So, You don’t need to worry about its build quality.

If you’re a glass wearer, a twist-up eyecup with enough eye relief allows you to get a better field of view without removing your glass.


  • Magnification:- 16x to 30x
  • Objective lens:- 50 mm
  • Weigh:- 1.5 pounds
  • Length:- 8.39 inches
  • Bak-4 prism glass
  • FOV:- 160-100 feet @1000 yards
  • Turnable tripod mount 
  • Nitrogen filled
  • Fully multi-layer M coating
  • Submerged underwater around 16 feet
  • Offers crisp and detailed image even in low light.
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy backpacking.
  • Wide field of view for a more detailed view.
  • Shock resistance, waterproof, and weatherproof.
  • The eye-relief is slightly short

VIEW ON AMAZON: MINOX MD 50 W Spotting Scope

Gosky 20-60×60 HD Spotting Scope

The Gosky HD spotting scope offers a different range of magnification from 20x to 60x and a 60mm objective lens that is enough to fulfill your needs.

Also, The fully multi-coated optics with BAK-4 Porro prism ensures better light transmission and produces high-contrast and crystal clear image quality even in low-light conditions. The 45 degrees angled eyepiece helps you to get a comfortable view of the target.

Its waterproof and fog-proof feature allows you to use it in all weather conditions. In addition, The well-made framework and high-quality rubber armor protect from damage and provide better grip in the hand.

The good part is that It comes with a digiscoping smartphone adapter. So, If you like to take wildlife photos or capture video along with hunting, then this is one of the best options.

However, you will notice few issues like image aberration at the higher power or zoom, reduce image quality, and field of view.


  • Magnification: 20x to 60x
  • Objective lens diameter:- 60mm
  • 20mm eyepiece diameter
  • Eye-relief:- 17 to 13.5mm
  • Fully multi-coated optics and Bk-4 Porro prism 
  • Weight:- 1230 gram
  • FOV:- 115-57 feet @ 1000yds
  • The digiscoping mobile phone adapter
  • Rotatable scope body
  • Best entry-level spotting scope at a low price.
  • Waterproof and fog proof to prevent damage.
  • Easy to use with detailed user manual.
  • Compact dimension for convenience.
  • Arrives with a quality tripod.
  • It may lose clarity at a high range.
  • It May not be a suitable choice for experienced hunters.

VIEW ON AMAZON: Gosky 20-60×60 HD Spotting Scope

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a spotting scope for elk hunting?

It depends. If you’re hunting elk in the open space or went for a large game, then spotting scopes are an ideal option for you. It surely provides you more worth for getting a perfect long-distance shot.

However, If you like to hunt in wooded and confined areas, then you need to do more movement to spot and stalk the target. So, That time a pair of high-quality binoculars is the perfect option for you.

What is a good spotting scope for elk hunting?

In the above list, You already notified about a few best spotting scopes. If you asked me which one is best, I would recommend you the Celestron ultima 80 angled spotting scope. However, If you are concerned about budget, then the Barska spotting scope will be the best value for you, Or Barska colorado spotting scope, which best under $50.

How to use a spotting scope for hunting?

Before using a spotting scope for hunting, You need to determine your goal.  You can do your initial scan or stalk your hunting area before the day of hunting. In addition, You can also use a spotting scope for finding your target legal size or sex restrictions.

Which spotting scope is better for hunting, straight or angled?

In the world of the spotting scope, Two words are very common, and they are straight and angled. Many beginner hunters don’t understand or know the difference between them. Generally, These two types are the physical shape of a spotting scope, and both have pros and cons. 

Straight spotting scopes come with an in-line eyepiece with the objective lens, where angled spotting scopes eyepiece is set from 45 to 90 degrees from the objective lens.

Now the question arrives: which one is better for hunters? The answer is a straight spotting scope because These scopes are easily usable and easy to spot and track moving targets’ movement.

On the other hand, Angled spotters are not easy to use and harder to detect moving targets. However, If you have experience with a spotting scope, then that’ll surely provide you enough value. So, Practice will help you to overcome this disadvantage. 

Checkout this video for learning more about angled or straight scopes.

Spotting scope or binoculars for elk hunting?

For elk hunting, optics are must-have gear for success in a game. But, The question is which one is better: binoculars or spotting scope.

A spotting scope is a great option if you take a stationary position and want to get a better view or visual, especially from long-range distances. Also, That allows you to take perfect shots from far away.

However, If you’re frequently changing your position or hunting in the wooded area setting up a tripod won’t provide you enough value when stalking the target. Then, A pair of higher magnification binoculars is a better option to do the quick movement and spot the target.

Overall, Both binoculars and spotting scope are ideal for elk hunt. It depends on your hunting area and your hunting tactics.

What size spotting scope for elk hunting?

For elk hunting, Optics magnification from 15x to 60x with a 40 to 80 mm objective lens is the ideal size for elk hunting spotting scope for getting a better view even in low-light condition.

Is a sunshade important for a spotting scope?

Yes, Sunshade is important for hunting. You’ll deal with the sun in an outdoor environment. So, That time a built-in sunshade helps you to reduce glare. In addition, If your scope comes with a fold-down or retractable sunshade, then you don’t need to wear any sunglasses and get a flare-free image. 

For this, It’s a wise decision to get a scope that comes with a protective sunshade.

Are glass wearers comfortable with spotting scopes?

Yes, Most of the best spotting scopes provide comfortable eye-relief for glass wearers. Also, Eye-relief allows a wide view. So, If you’re a glass wearer, a range of 12-18mm eye-relief is enough for you to get a full field view without removing your glass.

Final Words

Spotting scopes are such optics that provide you enough value according to your needs. There are several factors you need to keep in mind before purchasing the best spotting scope for elk hunting. I did that part for you and come with a few trustworthy and affordable spotting scopes. So, Narrow down your worry and follow the above reviews of each optics and get your perfect one according to your need.

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