Top 5 Best spotting scope phone adapter in 2022

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If you are a nature enthusiast and like to spend quality time watching wildlife, then spotting scope is one of the best options for you. That helps you to enjoy nature, wild animals or birds without going so close. But, If you also went to memorize your quality time when you are alone at home, capturing an image or video recording is a wise decision. That time the best spotting scope phone adapter is must-have gear for you to capture wildlife in your mobile phone.

However, In the market plethora of choices available, among them few are ideal for use with a spotting scope. But, Don’t worry, after finishing this whole article you will find a preferred one which you search for. 

The review guide features 5 best spotting scope phone adapters. In addition, If you are quite confused to decide the best one, then the buying guide will help you make your final decision. 

Top 5 Best spotting scope phone adapter

Celestron NexYZ 3-Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter ( Overall Best)

The Celestron NexYZ smartphone adapter features a versatile locking eyepiece phone clamp and a full range 3-axis adjustment mechanism that means you can adjust the camera angle in any direction with the help of direction knobs, and these features made this adapter a real winner.

This Celestron adapter comes with a robust metal frame and polymer body that ensures high build quality and is perfect for long time uses. Its spring-loaded slider mechanisms ensure that it securely holds your thousand buck smartphone. In addition, This adapter is competitive with any mobile phone and a wide range of optics, which makes it more worthy.

The Celestron adapter fits between 35 mm and 60 mm eyepiece diameter.

However, You feel little weight because It weighs 285 grams, which are heavier but not excessively.  If you’re a newbie or using that kind of adapter for the first time, then the clamp’s mechanism and the screw might seem a little bit awkward for you, but in practice, you’ll learn easily and provide you the best result.

Overall, It comes with a few drawbacks, but it does its job quite impressively. If you want to do photography or capture videos with your spotting scopes, this Celestron adapter reduces your frustration and waste of time. In addition, If you need an adapter for any kind of work, then this is the best one in the market considering the overall perspective.

  • 3-Axis adjustment
  • Premium build quality
  • Quite intuitive to use the camera
  • Hold the smartphone securely
  • Simple smartphone attachment
  • Well worth the price
  • Works with larger eyepieces
  • Little heavier

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Gosky Phone Adapter( Second Best)

Gosky Telescope Phone Adapter

This Gosky universal phone adapter is compatible with most of smartphones with or without a case and the knobs are easily adjustable, which won’t make any interference with your phone button. 

The Gosky phone adapter supports an eyepiece diameter from 32mm to 68mm. For this, Eyepiece fits with most of the spotting scope. The good part is the cell phone adapter allows easy alignment and easy to use that helps to capture splendid videos or photos easily.

The adjustable locking mechanism with a steel bolt ensures your phone security and holds your phone tightly. Besides, Durable aluminium and high strength PA plastic make this adapter strong and sturdy, protecting your phone from any damage. Also, Soft materials like high-density EVA pads keep your phone scratches free from all sides. 

  • Easy To Adjust and alignment
  • Pretty well made
  • Fair price
  • Work well with most smartphones.
  • Better customer service
  • Haven’t any if you use with a spotting scope

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Gosky Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount ( Best Value)

Gosky cell phone adapter mount is compatible with various devices with your spotting scope and other optics like a telescope, binoculars, monoculars, etc. If you want the best quality in the budget range, then this mount is a better option and more worthy.

There is nothing such a thing to mention about this mount, but it just works pretty impressively! This Gosky mount is well sturdy, made for its metal housing with zinc alloy. In addition, The Gosky scope mount is tight and ensures better grip and protection of your mobile phone. So, You don’t need to worry about loosening and messing up your mobile phone alignment in an outdoor environment. The good thing is the high-density Eva pads protect your gadget from any sort of scratches and harms.

It also comes with a 32 mm to 62 mm outer eyepiece diameter, which efficiently captures magnificent pictures with your more immense spotting scopes.

  • Light weight Design
  • Case Friendly
  • Universal fit
  • Shield blocks the stray light and helps to quick alignments.
  • Good Build-quality and durable
  • Adjustable clamping mechanism
  • Alignments problem in the middle camera phones

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SVBONY Universal Cell Phone Adapter( Best in Cheaper Price)

If you want a spotting scope cell phone adapter at a cheaper rate ( around 10$ ) compatible with a variety of smartphones, SVBONY is the best one that ensures better performance for you. 

This device comes with a phone holder and a clamp, which can be usable with various eyepieces and the eyepiece ranging between 25 mm and 48 mm. The SVBONY cell phone adapter is constructed of aluminium alloy, which makes this mount sturdy and lightweight. The clamp is also made of high-quality PA plastic that protects your mobile phone from damage and tightly holds your phone. 

The good part is this cell phone adapter mount comes with rubber bumpers, which ensure that your phone won’t slip. The adjustable mechanism with a steel bolt makes this mount more secure for your handset, and the high-density EVA pads secure the cell phone edge from damage. 

However, It takes a little work to adjust the cell phone adapter and set it correctly.

  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Compatible with a variety of phone
  • Soft materials protect the device from damage
  • Best Value
  • Need time to adjust the mount with devices

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LAKWAR Cell Phone Mount

LAKWAR Cell Phone Mount

The LAKWAR adapter is another cheapest mount but ensures better performance comparing the price. The company claimed that 98% of mobile phone models are compatible with this cell phone adapter. And, The previous users verified they’re claimed. 

This adapter fits with eyepieces diameter from 28 mm to 47 mm. So, You can use this product with various optics along with spotting scopes.

The unique design of soft EVA material protects your phone and eyepieces from scratches or damage. The good part of the spotting scope adapter is that it can also be usable with a tripod.

However, The product constructed with plastic and a few previous users claimed that the adapter built cheaply. But, Comparing the price, you can ignore these drawbacks.

  • Good quality
  • Cheapest Price
  • Compatible with a various smartphone model
  • Easy to carry
  • Perfect for wildlife photography
  • Plastic made


How to Choose The Best Spotting Scope adapter

When you decide to purchase an adapter for your spotting scope, you need to consider a few aspects to find a perfect phone holder. However, If you haven’t any idea of spotting scope adapter, follow this buying guide to make the final decision.

Material & Design

Phone Adapters hold our thousand buck smartphone and help us to capture beautiful video and images via spotting scope. You don’t want to drop your phone in the land when capturing photos or videos using your spotting scope. So, To avoid this kind of situation, always select an adapter that is durable and made with tough and durable materials. The aluminium or zinc alloy made body or hard plastic made body is perfect for an adapter.

The mechanism of the spotting scope adapter is another important factor when deciding the adapter. Generally, most of the spotting scopes adapter comes with smartphone and eyepiece holder. The phone holder mechanism works typically with phone clamps or suction cups. 

The phone clamp mechanism is more secure than suction cups because it comes with rubber or EVA pads that protect your cellphone from scratches or damage. But remember the eyepiece area will provide you trouble if you don’t select one that fits with your cell phone and the particular phone scope.

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Easy To Use

You won’t like to follow a complicated process to fit your spotting scope with your mobile phone and adapter on the outdoor. So, Always try to find a spotting scope adapter which easy to use and reduces your frustration. 

However, You can’t capture a perfect picture or video overnight with an adapter’s because it takes few try to learn how to adjust an adapter with spotting scope eyepieces and smartphones. Once you understand it correctly, it will an easy process for you.


Compatibility is another important factor when buying a spotting scope adapter because if you are an owner of a spotting scope or other optics, then the device helps to work with all of them. Try to select an adapter that is compatible with most optics and reduce your extra cost. For this, a single adapter will enough for your all works. 


You know why it’s important to have an adapter for your spotting scope. That cell phone adapter can increase the chance of taking an outstanding photo or video. However, In the market, lots of option are available, which surely increase your frustration. But don’t worry. In this whole article, we discussed the best spotting scope phone adapter which cares for your spotting scope and mobile phoneIf you still confused to select one from the above best-selling list, follow the buying guide that provides enough knowledge about spotting scope phone adapters.

Our top pick is the Celestron NexYZ 3-Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter for its unique design, versatility and quality materials. However, If you considering the budget, then go with Gosky Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount.

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