Tips For Duck hunting In The Rain

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As a beginner hunter, you will wonder how a person can hunt in the rain. But, Do you hear the term “Ducky weather”? It means rainy and windy weather when ducks feel comfortable to fly and are less scared. That moment can bring good chances and increase the opportunity of your success in this game. Though duck hunting in the rain seems weird and strange, it is possible without any problem.

But, That doesn’t mean you will succeed in the rain every time because there are many factors you need to consider before you succeed in this game. So, here are some tips by expert hunters who provide that valuable information that helps you to well-prepare for hunting duck in the rain.

When Should You Hunt Ducks In The Rain

Duck hunting in the rain provides you a lifetime better experience but it will be worse if the birds don’t move anywhere at the time of rain. So, What is the ideal time or condition of duck hunting while it’s raining?

The light rain and moderate wind is the ideal condition of duck hunting. But, You need to monitor the rate of rainfall for success in that waterfowl hunting.

4 Tips For Duck hunting in the rain

Proper Accessories

Duck hunting in the rainy weather is like hunting in the snow, and there are no such differences. First of all, You need to focus on the right equipment because nothing is more pathetic than cold and wet at the time of hunting. Also, It can be the cause of life-threatening.

You don’t imagine how miserable it will be when the weather frequently changes and you don’t bring your must-have apparel. So, When you want to hunt, always favor yourself and bring a set of insulated chest waders, some fleece, and a good set of weatherproof gloves.

So, Always try to bring must-have apparel and gear with you when you leave home for hunting in the rain or any weather condition. You can’t imagine how these dramatically increase your success rate and help win the game.

Migration Patterns and Jump Shot

The jump shot is one of the most popular ways of duck hunting in the rain. The ideal place for a jump shot is rivers and lakes. However, You can hardly expect that you can succeed in this game if you take shelter at the side of a big lake during the rain. Because The chance of duck migration over a big lake or river is narrow. 

However, Ducks like to fly around smaller bodies of water like ponds or small lakes that have a good tree line which helps to reduce winds at the time of rain.

So, Take cover at the side of smaller bodies of water at the time of rain and wait for a perfect shot. Also, Try to learn more about the migration of ducks in different weather. That helps you to figure out where ducks may be flying when raining, and you can find them after the rain.

Avoid Thunderstorms

Always check the weather forecast before going hunting because the rain is ideal weather for duck hunting, but not thunderstorms. So, If the weather forecast expects a big storm, then stay home. Otherwise, This will cause great hampering.

Decoy Spreads

A good combination of light rain and wind is ideal for duck hunting. But, If you like to hunt during a torrential downpour, then try to bring your decoys and spread them perfectly. When ducks watch those decoy spreads they will land here without hesitating. Because Too much wind makes them hold and increase the opportunity of your success.

However, Don’t forget to keep yourself warm in that weather condition and take shelter at a blind to keep dry.

Important Gear For Duck Hunting In The Rain

Waders: If you want to succeed in waterfowl hunting, then a solid pair of waders is a must-have apparel for this game. Because a good set of waders will help you to keep dry and warm.

Gloves: Gloves are another important piece of apparel for duck hunting in the rain. Because You need to handle shells and pull the trigger with your finger to hit the target. Without a dry and warm hand, It is hard to make a perfect shot and that’s why you need to bring insulated gloves.

Blind Bag: In the rain, You’ll bring a wallet, mobile phone, and other gears for hunting which also need to be kept dry. So, A good quality floating blind bag or backpack is perfect for keeping those items dry. 

Duck Hunting Tips Day After Rain

First of all, Gather knowledge of your local area or hunting area where ducks prefer to stop after rain. Generally, Ducks like to take rest at the side of water bodies after rain. So, Consider taking a place close to the water and hunting there.

After a rain, Always try to avoid hunting under direct sunlight in the day because it reveals your visibility and decreases your chance of success. If you camouflaged duck hunter, duck can also reveal you by the shadows of the outline.

Also, Keep all essential gear or clothes on your duck hunting backpack in organized manner.


If you never tried duck hunting in the rain then you lost a huge experience. So, Gather experience and pleasure went for hunting duck in the rain or bad weather which open the best opportunities in this game for you.

In addition, If you struggled in bad weather conditions, hope the above tips will help you to succeed next time when you go next adventure trips.

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