8 Easy Ways To Facilitate Duck Hunting Without Decoys

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If you ever thought about how to succeed in duck hunting without decoys and searching for your answer. Then you are in the right place.

However, You will notice that waterfowl hunters recommend decoys as a must-have item for this game. And that is true without baits you will face many problems in this game. The good thing is following a few strategies you can hunt duck without decoys.

Here are a few tips which add extra value of your waterfowl hunting experience, If you are planning to hunt without decoys.

Duck Hunting Without Decoys

  • Start calling ducks even if you don’t have any decoys. Because ducks are curious enough, and they’ll come in close enough for wing shooting when they hear you.
  • After dropping them, you can use dead ones as decoys because that works, and many hunters use these tricks and got better results.
  • You can bring a few bleach bottles with you and paint them as colors of a mallard. It doesn’t get them 10 yards from you, but it will bring them close enough to take your perfect shot.
  • If you find a spot or hunt back in the timber where ducks wanna be in, and you can hide, you don’t need any decoys. You can build a good blind and wait till they come close to you and make a perfect shot.
  • You can use high ground and trees as a cover or wait in a cornfield where duck fly to feed and wait for the ducks to pass by you. Then, Make your perfect shot.
  • You need to focus on your concealment when hunting. And, This is the most important thing which you need to remember when hunting ducks with or without decoys. Because, When ducks watch any strange things, they avoid the spot, which decreases your success ratio in this game. So, always try to get better camo and blind which hide you from ducks.
  • You may be hunt in the open space or riverbank. That means it is unpredictable where the ducks are flying because nothing keeps them within a specific area.

That time you can use natural funnels if you figure out a spot like trees lined on both sides of the river that provide you enough shooting opportunity because Ducks like to fly through natural channels except above the tree line. But, They will not fly every time on the natural channels, but you will get a better opportunity to make your perfect shot.

  • Scouting the area in advance is another best option for you to hunt ducks whether you use decoy or not. If you hunt ducks using decoys, you will get the opportunity to grab ducks’ attention in your area. But, As you plan to hunt ducks without decoys, then you probably not find them already in your hunting location. So, to get better results, always try to spend at least one day in advance in your hunting location and scout the area ( Top-Rated Binoculars for duck hunting).

When you are scouting always look at in the water wheater, there are any ducks or not. Also, Check out any ducks flying nearby in your area. If you don’t find any hint, then avoid the place and search for another location for your duck hunting trips.

I hope these tips help you to succeed in the game without decoys.

Happy Duck Hunting 🙂

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  1. It really helped when you talked about duck hunting and how to find the right spot for it! Recently, my cousin said she wants to learn how to hunt ducks. My cousin and her sister have always been into hunting since they were kids, so I believe your article will definitely interest them! Thanks for the advice on how to scout an area before going hunting!

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