9 Easy Elk Hunting Tips for Beginners

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The elk is one of the largest animals in the deer family. Hunting elk is fascinating and adventurous also. So, elk hunting can be someone’s lifetime goal or a bucket list dream.

However, Some beginner hunters might think that hunting elk is very easy as its size is enormous. Also, taking a perfect shot will be more comfortable. But their thought is entirely wrong. The elks are very cunning animals and can run faster up to 45 mph. Besides, it’s challenging to find one as a beginner. So, it’s difficult to hunt them without any basic knowledge about them. 

This article will give some essential and efficient elk hunting tips for beginners. If you’re a newbie in elk hunting, don’t be afraid about it. Try to adopt those trips and tricks I’m going to describe below, and I’m sure you will find elk hunting very fascinating.

Elk Hunting Tips for Beginners

Keep Yourself Fit

Fitness is one of the essential rules in hunting games. So make sure to be in the best shape possible. 

Generally, elks live in the deep forest, and they change their habit every time according to season. They move to lower altitudes in the winter and higher altitudes in the spring. So hunting them in high altitudes and cold temperatures is quite difficult. 

Moreover, you may need to hike for a long time to track elk. Hiking for a long time is also a challenging task. Many people feel Acute Mountain Sickness(ADS) at high altitudes. As a result, you may experience several things like dizziness, headache, nausea, fatigue as well. So, it’s better to prepare yourself for extreme tasks by building your stamina and body muscles.

Make a Checklist for bag packing

For a fresher, it might be challenging to decide what to carry with their gear bag. As a result, they make their hunting gear bag overweight. Also, without a checklist, they might forget to carry important elk hunting gear. So, it’s essential to make a checklist and include all the necessary equipment. 

For example

As well


Scouting is one of the essential parts of successful elk hunting. By scouting, you’ll be able to understand their food habits or lifestyles. Surely, you can’t accept to find elks on the roadside of hills. At least you need to find elk trails. That’s why scouting is crucial.

As elks spend most of their time grazing. And they used to feed themselves in the morning and the evening. Also, they rest and take shelter in the dense, bushy areas. There is a possibility to spot elk on the side of lack of any of the water sources.

Go With An Experienced Hunter

It’s better to go with an expert in the first elk hunting. As an experienced hunter, they have a lot of experience in elk hunting. And as a beginner, it’s helpful to have the company of an experienced elk hunter.

Furthermore, As they are experts in elk hunting and you can watch them and learn their technique. Also, it’s a great opportunity for you to take their valuable advice about elk hunting.

Pick The Perfect Rifle or Bow for Elk Hunting

Hunting weapon plays a leading role in hunting. Without a hunting weapon, this job can’t be done. So, it’s always fundamental to choose the perfect rifle or bow for hunting any type of animal.

As you know, elk skins are very tough to penetrate. For this job, a small rifle can’t do this perfectly, and after one shot, it’s possible to lose your target. So, it’ll be an unsuccessful hunt.

If you’re hunting with a rifle, I’ll recommend choosing a bolt action rifle as they are more accurate with better handling capacity. If you’re hunting with a bow, then use an arrow which weight is between 450-500 grains. Within a perfect shot, you can get better penetration.

Practice Long Distance Shot (with rifle and archery)

For better aiming, it’s recommended by many hunters that practice some long-distance shots for accuracy. Because, while hunting, there is no place for mistakes. As you might get one chance to shot your target. 

Besides, practicing long-distance shots can be the best option for improving the kill shot. So, practice as many long-distance shots as possible before elk hunting. It’ll build up your confidence level and comfortability.

Be Patient

Patience can bring major changes to the hunting game. I consider it as the main factor in elk hunting tips for beginners. 

Patience is required in every step of elk hunting, like scouting, aiming, shooting as well. Maybe you have to wait for a couple of days to find an elk, or you have to wait for the perfect shot. So I think now you can assume that patience can bring your prize in your hand. So, never lose hope and be patient.

Use An Elk Call

Using an elk call to attract elk might take some right amount of practice. As a beginner, you’ll need to practice for a better elk imitation sound. Using an elk call has 50/50 chances to bring the elk on the spot. So, I’ll recommend using it at the right time. If you can imitate the elk call perfectly, then go for it. Otherwise, you’ll scare the elk, and it might run away.

Always Keep a Backup Plan

Always think about a backup plan. Nobody can’t be confident about their previous hunting spot that there will be elks for you every time. However, it’s recommended to visit the previous hunting spot.

Therefore, a backup plan will help you to scout more and more spots. Multiple backup plans can help you to win this race.


In the wild, you’ll need knowledge and practical skills to hunt down an elk. I’ll suggest you join with an expert hunter as it’ll help you to learn real-life hunting experience and elk hunting skills. 

Moreover, always be concerned about local hunting law and keep your hunting license because breaking laws can get you into trouble.

To be a good hunter, always be aware of local hunting rules and regulations as there are differences in hunting roles in some areas. And always respect mother nature.

 By reading these easy elk hunting tips for beginners, I think you’ll get an overview of elk hunting. 

We wish you good luck with your first elk hunting trip.

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