How to Find the Right Waterfowling Gloves

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Gloves are an underrated gear when it comes to hunting. It’s a must if you are into waterfowl hunting to keep the hands protected from cold and make the shots count. However, your typical hunting gloves are not just enough for waterfowl hunting. You must pick a specialized pair that is made with the thought of accommodating the specific hunting environment.

So how to find the right waterfowling gloves for your upcoming hunting season? No wonder that you will want a pair that can provide weather protection and flexibility to make the shot count.  Along with these, here are the other things that you must check to prick the right variation.

1. Types

Based on gloves style, waterfowl hunting shooting gloves can be available in different types. Here are some common variations based on the glove styles.

Light Hunting Gloves

The light gloves as the name implies, are suitable for less cold weather. They are either uninsulated or lightly insulated to ensure you the right amount of warmth. The advantage of these masks is they are very flexible and typically arrive with camouflage, enabling you to make the shoot precisely.

Fingerless Wool Gloves

As per some hunters, it becomes hard for them to shoot precisely due to the gloves on the finger. The Fingerless Wool Gloves can solve this issue as it only covers the palm part of the hand. One of the impressive things about the gloves is they keep insulating the covered part even though your hand becomes wet. However, they will not be a good selection for highly cold weather.

Neoprene/PVC coated Gloves

The neoprene and PVC coated gloves are a good choice for the ice-cold environment to keep your hand safe. They typically arrive with a coating of PVC or neoprene materials to preserve the warmth. Amongst the two variations, the waterproof neoprene gloves can preserve more warmth while PVC has fewer chances of leaking.

Heavy Hunting Gloves

These are specially designed hunting gloves that are designed to ensure you the optimum comfort and support for hunting. They can be an excellent choice for protection in harsh conditions like geese and duck hunting. This variation of gloves tends to have more insulation and a bit bulkier. They are also optimized to make your shotgun operations easier. Some of them also arrive with the trigger guard for further protection.

2. Comfort

Comfort is one of the crucial factors you need to check while choosing waterfowl gloves as you will require wearing them hours after hours. The gloves should be made of breathable fabric to prevent sweat. Besides, you also need to be aware of the weight of the gloves as higher weight can discomfort your hand quickly.

3. Waterproofness

There are good chances of being wet while duck hunting from the boat. You mustn’t want your hands to be wet in cold weather as your fingers can become numb. So, waterproofness is a crucial thing to check while purchasing gloves. There are good numbers of waterproof glove manufacturers out there and breathable at the same time.

4. Dexterity

In case you don’t know, dexterity is the capability of your fingers to do what you want to do. It’s more like the range of motion. The range of motion is pretty low for average gloves out there. As an example, it can be quite hard to use your phone, car’s key, etc. due to their low dexterity level.

You must select a pair of gloves that has a better dexterity level. This will make your works in a hunting environment easier. You will be able to easily reload, adjust, and shoot with accuracy when the gloves are made with the thought of dexterity.

5. Insulation

Waterfowl gloves must be insulated properly. Perhaps, it is one of the obvious reasons behind this investment. Geese and duck hunting are typically done during the morning when the temperature is pretty low. The properly insulated gloves will help to keep your hands warm to perform all the tasks with ease and accuracy.

6. Durability

It’s no wonder that your hunting environment will consist of rough terrains and other challenges. Like your hunting boots and other hunting gears, the gloves also need to be durable enough to accommodate you in such an environment. Durability is also essential for your protection.

7. Fit

Just like your hunting boots, a pair of fit gloves is a must for hunting. You will find it hard to get a better grip if they don’t fit properly. As a result, the chances of missing your shoots will increase.  While purchasing the gloves, you will find them in different sizes. Make sure to decide the right size for you and buy accordingly. While purchasing online, check out the measurement of different sizes to be fully assured of fitness.


While purchasing the waterfowl gloves for hunting, you will find a variety of available options. However, we will recommend you to go for the one that yields to the above considerations to be ready for the next duck season.

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