How to keep your feet warm while hunting?

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The issue of “ keep feet warm” is not only your concern as a passionate hunter because most of the hunters face this problem when they come out for big game hunting or any kind of hunting, especially in the cold weather or waterfowl hunting. 

So, If you won’t want to miss your opportunity to win the game, then prepare yourself to keep your feet warm in the freezing weather. Because Keeping feet warm is one of the winning indicators in cold weather hunting.

Here is the complete guide about how to keep your feet warm while hunting in the cold weather. 

How to keep your feet warm while hunting


If you want to succeed in your hunting adventure, then pre-plan is one of the important factors. So, Make sure that your hunting backpack is ready to go and bring extra apparel like clothes, boots, and socks. These apparels boost your mind for hunting and provide relaxation and confidence for well-preparing.

So, Always make a plan ahead, before leaving your home.

Wear Proper Boot

Want to keep your feet warm? The simple rule is arranging the perfect boot. This item directly affects your feet warm.

If you decide to purchase a pair of boot, avoid too loose and tight boots because it allows moisture to get in which cause of cold feet.

In addition, First, wear the socks that you’re going to use with your hunting boots then try the new pair and ensure that there is enough room for wiggling your toes. 

Otherwise, It will stop your feet’ blood circulation, which means blood isn’t pumping perfectly and cause cold feet. If you provide enough room, then the blood circulation works perfectly and warms up your feet quickly. 

The experts’ recommendation is to go with at least a full size larger that ensures or leaves a little more room to move your toes.

You can also consider the following tips when choosing boots for cold weather.

Thick Sole: If you prefer to hunt in the cold weather then boots with thick sole will be the perfect choice for you. Because, These boots avoid absorbing cold from ground or tree stands.

Waterproof and good insulation: All your effort will ruin if water gets access to the inside of your boots and from time to time your feet get colder as well the whole body. So, It’s a good idea to bring a waterproof insulated boot. Though You need to invest a few more bucks for this, it doesn’t disappoint you. 

The good part of an insulated boot provides more warmth and safety than regular hunting boots. If you are a waterfowl hunter or hunt in colder weather, proper insulation boot is recommended.

Boot Covers: Generally, Boot covers designed to use it over your boots and ensure extra warmth. The good part is you can use shower caps as a boot cover, and a single boot cover can be used on different boots by just wrapping them around boots and tie the covers with your high ankles. So, These also protect your boots from water and snow. 

But, It’s hard to walk with boot covers. Therefore, First find a hunting spot then use the boots covers.

Wear Proper Socks

Boots and Socks combo is the best defender against cold weather. So, The right pair of socks is must-have footwear to keep your feet warm in hunting adventure.

Follow the following tips when selecting socks for hunting in cold weather.

Socks layer: Hope you know that old socks aren’t sufficient for hunting in cold weather. That time you can use layers of socks which helps you keep warm tremendously. 

You can use two or three layers of socks in cold weather. 

Follow the pattern of layers when you arrange the layers:

  1. Thin socks
  2. Thick Woolen socks ( 2 step layer is enough in moderate cold weather)
  3. Very Thick Wool Sock

Avoid Cotton Socks: For hunting in the cold weather, Cotton socks are a worse option because these types of socks absorb moisture which will cause more freezing feet.

Recommended socks materials:  Wool socks will be one of the fantastic options for keeping your feet warm as well these socks are thick and comfortable to wear. But, Make sure that you use a pair only once. 

You can use polypropylene socks under the wool socks if you are sweating. That ensures more warmth for your feet.

The heated socks are also a better option to keep feet warm.

Foods Habit

Before the day of big game hunting, you need to change your food habit to reduce possible problems when hunting. Here are a few foods you need to avoid during or the previous day of hunting.

  1. Try to avoid spicy foods because these are affected in your sweat glands and cause of feet sweating. Instant of spicy food you can take bland foods like a broiled roast.
  2. Take fruits, vegetables and nuts which are complex carbohydrates and reduce blood sugar spikes.
  3. Avoid foods which contain sweets and contain empty calories like cookies and chips.
  4. Finally, Don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Healthy food balanced keeps you in a good mood and alert as well as your body can adjust with the cold weather and keep you warm all day long.


Cardboard will be a better option and surprisingly effective to keep your feet warm while hunting.

First, Carry a piece of cardboard with you and place it beneath your feet. The good part is this method is workable with both tree stand and ground blind.

Keep Distance From Metal Conductors

Nothing worse than stuck hands-on cold metal objects. Also, Metal conducts cold in your body. That’s why you need to keep a distance from metal objects.

If your tree stand contains any metal objects, use a blanket or padding to cover the metal stand. Otherwise, The cold flows directly on your feet from the metal stand.

In addition, Some boots feature metal steel toes which get cold and forward it into your toes. So, try to avoid these types of boots or find another solution.

Finally, Just try to reduce metal objects when you go for cold weather hunting.

Cover Your Head


Why do I mention covering your head or keeping your head warm when I am covering a topic About warming the feet?

Let me explain.

If you cover your head perfectly and keep warm, your feet also warm naturally. If your head gets colder, it tries to absorb heat from your other body parts and pulls heat from your hand or feet, reducing your hand or feet’ warming level.

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So, It’s a wise decision to keep your head warm if you want to keep your feet warm.

Other Important Tips to keep your feet warm

  • Use foot powder on your boots.
  • Once you reach your hunting destination, change socks if possible. It provides you comfort and freshness. 
  • For additional insulation for your feet use soft cotton balls.

Final Words

For hunters, Cold foot is a miserable experience, and sometimes it ruins your hunting expedition. So, Don’t bear the cold feet and take proper action before it ruins your hunting adventure.

You can find many solutions regarding keeping your feet warm. Besides, You don’t need to buy any expensive apparels or anything to keep you warm. Just follow the above tips, which are enough for keeping your feet warm.

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